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Whether you are domestic household or business in Alice Springs, Darwin or the rest of Central Australia, Steve's Electrix & Communications can provide you with electrical service to suit your individual needs. Our experienced Alice Springs electricians will work together to ensure that you get excellent service for your money for all electrical installations, maintenance and repairs.

With over two decades of assisting residents in Alice Springs with domestic electrical services, as well as providing expert commercial electrical installation, repairs and maintenance for businesses in the region, you're in good hands.

We perform electrical installation and maintenance, switchboard upgrades, appliance testing and tagging and related work for domestic, commercial, industrial and rural locations in the area.
Electrician in Alice Springs fixing switchboard

Reliable Electrical Services

Hiring a reliable electrician who has the experience, skills and local knowledge to assist you is very important.

Whether you are managing your home, an apartment building, school, hospital, hotel, medical centre or another commercial site, you will require consistent electrical assistance for the installation, maintenance, repair and upgrade of various systems, devices and fixtures.

Our services are affordable, efficient and very safe. We prioritise safety at every place we work, whether it is a home, apartment, office building, worksite or industrial location.

Switchboard Installations & Upgrades

As households and offices have acquired more and more electrical appliances and devices, switchboards need to meet this increasing demand for power to provide an electrically safe environment. An outdated or overburdened switchboard can result in power tripping and lights flickering, all of which are signs your switchboard may be ready for an upgrade. Steve's Electrix & Communications can inspect and install new switchboards and upgrade old ones with safety switch protection.

If you are noticing that each time you have a few appliances running, one of your circuits trips, then you may have a problem with your switchboard. Not every issue is one that requires a full replacement, but it is often the best way to move forward. Upgrading your switchboard and electrical wiring is the only way to ensure that you can run such a load safely and consistently.

Remote Electrical Work

Based in Alice Springs, Steve's Electrix & Communications also provides all of our electrical and communication services to remote areas of Central Australia. Travelling to remote locations is efficient and easy with our fully equipped 4WD service vehicles.


If you require electrical services anywhere in Central Australia, give us a call or send us an email today!