air conditioning Alice Springs

If you live in Alice Springs or anywhere in Central Australia, you will be more than aware of the different temperatures in the summer and winter. It can get extremely hot in the area, while a few weeks in winter are significantly colder than most would find comfortable. It is why Steve Electrix and Communications offers an air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair service in the area.
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  • Split system air conditioning
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Air conditioning service and maintenance
  • ARCtick accredited
Air Conditioning in Alice Spring, NT

Split System Air Conditioning Installation

A climate like Alice Springs demands a working split air conditioner to keep your home or business cool in summer and warm in winter. We are the team to call. Steve's Electrix & Communications have qualified and experienced staff able to install split system air conditioners for both domestic and commercial properties throughout Central Australia.

Choose The Right Air Conditioning For Your Home

Many clients come to Steve Electrix with a general inquiry about our air conditioner capabilities. For instance, you may want to invest in an A/C for your residence or business, but you are not sure about the make or model that you should be buying.
It is an understandable request, as most people are not well versed in the differences between various air conditioners. At Steve Electrix, we recognise this fact. It is why we can assist you in choosing the air conditioner that is the best fit for your needs.

We go over the various split system models that are available on the market, pointing out the pros and cons of each item. Our team can make the final decision, while you can take all the information we provide and choose the air conditioner that you want to be installed on your property.

Evaporative Air Conditioners

As well as installing split system air conditioners, Steve's Electrix & Communications also services evaporative coolers. We provide this service throughout Alice Springs and remote areas of Central Australia. Don't risk the possibility of a breakdown during the middle of an Alice Springs heatwave. Count on our electricians to repair and service your cooler.

As a locally owned and operated business, Steve Electrix & Communications knows that it can be so frustrating if your place of work is not comfortable for customers or workers. Imagine you are attempting to get some tasks done, but all you can think is that you cannot stop sweating!

We do not want that to happen to our clients, regardless of where you are located. If you use evaporative coolers at your residence, business or rural location, do not hesitate to get in touch. Someone from Steve Electrix will come to your site with the appropriate equipment to perform maintenance and repair work.

Superior Air Conditioning Services

Part of the reason why clients hire Steve Electrix for air conditioning services is our reputation. We have more than two decades of experience in the local and regional industry. You can count on our crew to know the various air con models, how to repair them, and how much they will cost to install at your residence and business.

If you have any questions about our air conditioning services, do not hesitate to call or email!