Data Cabling & Data Communication Alice Springs

Steve's Electrix & Communications installs, repairs and upgrades data cabling for homes and businesses. We also specialise in the installation of new cables and upgrading outdated or faulty cable lines. We have high-end equipment for the testing of data continuity up to Cat6A. Steve Electrix & Communications also provides MATV system installations for clients that are unable to access a digital television signal through a standard antenna.

Data Cabling & Communication Specialists

We can install and maintain a range of communications equipment, including NEC small business telephone systems and our business is an official NEC channel partner. No matter what size your business, we can help customise a solution for your needs. If you are in a remote area in Central Australia, do not worry—our team is happy to travel as far as needed to get the job done!
CAT7 Cables — Data and Communications  in Alice Spring, NT

Cat6A Data Cabling

A Cat6A cable is one of the highest performing cables for commercial and industrial clients that are seeking gigabit ethernet speeds. Cat6A is usually referred to as Cat 6, it is made up of a Ethernet and another network in a twisted cable that is backward compatible with the Category 5/5e and Category 3 cable standards.

MATV Systems

Whether you have a huge house, apartment complex, commercial location or an industrial site that requires a range of televisions to receive the appropriate signal, we can help you with your MATV needs. An MATV system is ideal for apartment buildings, hotels, schools and multi-unit buildings. It is short for a master antenna television system, where you are distributing the primary television signal that you are getting from your antenna, pushing it through a processor and amplifier and then spreading it to various rooms or areas of the building.

It is very complex to properly install an MATV system, which is why hiring Steve Electrix for the job is the way to go! We have the expertise and training to handle MATV installations flawlessly, while we also perform maintenance and repairs.

NEC Channel partner

NEC is one of the leading providers of cloud and hybrid IT and unified communications services in the country. It is a global business with a stellar reputation. It is why Steve Electrix & Communications is proud to serve as an NEC channel partner. If you require any services from NEC, we are happy to conduct the relevant installations at your location in Alice Springs or surrounding areas.