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Appliance Test & Tag Service

Steve Electrix & Communications has the equipment and knowledge to perform appliance test and tag services at domestic, commercial and industrial locations in Alice Springs and surrounding areas. Our test and tag service is the ideal way to understand whether your electrical appliances are safe for use.

A specialist from Steve Electrix can come to your office, residence or job site to carry out the relevant testing. We assess whether appliances are safe for operation while creating a detailed asset list for your future reference. When we perform our test and tag service, you will have peace of mind knowing that all your appliances are safe for use. Our service is also compliant with all local, state and national worker health and safety regulations.
Electrical appliance  with Tag — Test and Tag in Alice Spring, NT

Appliance Testing For a SaFe Environment

Given we are an Alice Springs-based business, we understand what it takes to run a commercial operation in the area. Not only are you concerned with your bottom line and providing customers with superior value compared to the competition, but you must care for your workers. Part of caring about your workers means taking their safety seriously.

Keep Your Home & Work Safe

Steve Electrix can help you determine whether the electrical equipment or appliances that your workers will use are 100 per cent safe. It will ensure that no hazard occurs that could harm your workers or damage your property. We conduct a superior testing and tagging procedure that will assess all your portable electrical devices.
We Are The Test & Tag Professionals

Our history in the area means that we are very proud of the way we serve our clients. It means taking their safety very seriously. By requesting testing and tagging services from Steve Electrix, you can ensure that your office, industrial location, job site or other commercial site is 100 per cent safe for everyone working there.

Test & Tag Details

Our on-site testing and tagging service meets the relevant regulations in Australia. We have the necessary equipment and training to test a range of electrical devices to ensure they are safe for use. These devices include power tools, power cables, electrical appliances and more. We can conduct a three-phase test and tag, portable and fixed RCD test and tag and microwave testing.

Test & Tag Benefits

The advantages associated with our test and tag service for domestic, commercial and industrial clients include:

  • Less data entry & paperwork
  • Transparency of process & superior quality control
  • Implementation of data reporting
  • Significant reduction in compliance costs
  • Comprehensive analysis of tested & bar-coded electrical equipment
  • A single database that contains all you're testing & tagging results from the past & present

Any Australian business that is serious about worker health and safety will request that someone from Steve Electrix comes to their work site at least one time a year to conduct testing and tagging. We are happy to travel anywhere in Alice Springs, Central Australia and nearby areas. Trust us to keep your workers and property safe.


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